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Lee'sFreeAudio is a service that provides music for projects such as video making, game developers, DAW projects, atmospheric ambience for business venues, as a learning resource or anywhere else music can offer enhancements!

Most music on the internet will be copyrighted, meaning that you won't be permitted to use it, or will after paying a fee; usually with restrictions imposed.

All the music provided by Freemusic4u is copyright free, meaning that it can be used without restriction for personal or business projects.

There are other copyright free music sites on the net, however most of these contain subscription fees and/or restrictions (such as not for commercial use).

The music contained here is all my own ideas/improvisations recorded on a Roland FA-08, and if there's anything specific you require for a project, email me at where I'll try and include it in the shared library, or for a small one-time fee, will give you full rights and not make it publicly available.

There's no obligation, but if you find anything useful, you can buy me a coffee here ;-)